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l love summer, but there are a lot of things I miss about city living… Saying hello to 30 people (ok, 30 dogs – truth be told) before 9am, Broadway shows, running errands on foot (I really, really miss that), and my beloved ClassPass where I have access to any type of fitness opportunity my mood fancies within blocks of my home.

Every summer to supplement my outdoor activities, I turn to some sort of online fitness resource.  I set up a workout space in the shade of the downstairs porch and have come to love working out with my dogs, who have determined that the mats I’ve set out are for them.


I’ve tried online yoga, the daily burn, and in July I was contorting like crazy and entertaining my guests with my less than suave dance moves via Tracy Anderson’s online studio.  My aforementioned niece Abigail was particularly amused by my fitness shenanigans and gently suggested TA might not be the best fit for me.  She said “I think you should try AAPTIV.”    So I did.  Sorry Tracy!  I will miss admiring your impressive collection of sneakers and enviable array of work out gear.     

AAPTIV is like ClassPass, but for your ears.  Workouts at any level you can imagine with a whole variety of teachers and times – with the possible exceptions of aerial yoga and pilates on a machine – are available on this app.  It is really quite remarkable – you were right Abigail!

IMG-4634.JPGStrength training,  running outdoors or on a treadmill, the elliptical, rowing, stretching, yoga and meditation, walking, boxing, training for a race, you get the idea… are all available at the click of your finger.  There is nothing visual about AAPTIV.  It is an instructor’s voice carefully telling you what to do with fun music to do it with.  So it is like having your own  personal trainer AND disc jockey.  Brilliant!     

My fave is to start with a 20 minute yoga class and then flip to a 45 minute strength/cardio workout.  Abigail also dragged me to a gym where we did a treadmill work out.  I hate the treadmill, but having Meg in my ear cheering me on for interval training was actually a lot of fun… and according to the machine,  I burned WAY more calories then my normal chug along pace.   🙂     

As I will be bringing my phone back with me to the big city, I will also be bringing APPTIV.  Of course, I will be back in action at ChaiseFitness and I really love my 10:30 class with Tracey at Exceed.  But in a pinch I plan to continue to incorporate APPTIV into my routine. 

You should grab this app and work out too!  It is FREE for the first 30 days… and $99 for a YEAR LONG SUBSCRIPTION. Use this link for your guest pass – – it’s FREE to try! So totally worth trying right?  Squirt the dog says yes, totally right.  Agreeable girl.




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  1. Love the review! I have been looking for a new online outlet for at home workouts, and have heard good things about AAPTIV, but now that it has the Linda and Abigail seal of approval, I am sure I will love it 🙂

    1. I am sure you will love it too Anne. And maybe someday soon we can all three be in the same place at the same time and use our Aaptiv App together. Cheers! xo

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