Looking for your next Broadway Show? Do I ever have the resource for you (and it’s not me).

My niece Abigail is in training to be a nutritionist.  She has learned a great deal on her journey down this path and is a treasure trove of easy to implement nutritional strategies and healthy recipes.  You should check out her website.  I like to think of myself as a treasure trove for tips on Broadway shows.  Well maybe not a treasure trove, but certainly an unkempt drawer of Playbills.  🙂

I love tossing out theater recommendations.  Anyone and everyone should always, always feel free to ask if you want a show suggestion.  You can email me here on Grab Your Group and GO or pose your query on Facebook.  But I, as one person with not unlimited funds, cannot go to every show.  And let’s face it, I represent a fairly limited taste bandwith better known as my opinion.  Which is why I am taking some time here to tell you about this amazing resource I found called Show-Score – the Trip Advisor, Rotten Tomatoes or Good Reads of LIVE Theater.

Check this out.  The site gives you a cross section of feedback from multiple people on a whole slew of shows – on Broadway, off Broadway and touring.  Shows are ranked and reviewed by rabid theater goers – like me – and if you are still reading this than maybe you too!??  This allows you to quickly get a feel as to whether or not a certain show is for you.

UntitledI am certainly using their intel as I navigate which shows to include in the 2018/2019 lineup for my theater group – it has been enormously helpful.  They also give you a heads up on what shows warrant early consideration.  I first learned of Be More Chill from some emails I received from Show-Score.  This off Broadway show and internet sensation is now entirely sold out!  Thanks Show-Score for bubbling this show into my consciousness and onto our theater group calendar.

What is also useful and fun is that they make it easy for you to offer your voice.  This process begins by first by ranking the show (hence the name show-score) based on your opinion with a fun sliding ranking tool where you essentially give the show you saw a percentage grade.  Then you click from an array of zippy and descriptive words (both negative and positive) to encapsulate your answer to the question, “How you would describe this show?” Genius.


Then you can go on to add words answering the questions: “who should see it?” and “who should not?”  The whole process takes about 30 seconds.  Of course, I then offered more words on the shows I rated in the handy pull down menu box.  After only 6 reviews you will become eligible for “free” show ticket offerings around town – there is a $5 fee which is why I put “free” in quotes.  But $5 is a pretty reasonable surcharge for what could be a fun and perhaps offbeat night on the town.

Show-Score also offers Socials which sound a lot like my theater group evenings.  They buy tickets in bulk to hot shows and offer pretty reasonable pricing to their members.  I wonder if they festoon their envelopes with whimsical, thematic stickers like I do?   Definitely would check out their prices before buying your next Broadway ticket – unless it is from me – :).    If you are seeking seats at a hot show like, still hot, Hamilton or, newly hot, Harry Potter they will likely not have tickets for sale, but will offer advice on where you should toss your business.

Oh how I wish I’d thought of this idea.  I spent a good two hours bopping around the site after I found it!  Tom Melcher the guy behind this website is clearly a THEATER GEEK from way back, but also has a super useful Bay Area background READ – techie – in coding.  I think you will find this website useful!  Which is why I am gabbing about it here.  Grab your browser and GO check out Show-Score.  Feel free to follow me while there!

Below is a note from the founder that speaks to the raison d’être for the site.  It is buried in the About Section.  Thank you Tom and your assembled team of passionate theater people.  Standing ovation to you and all that you do, sharing your passion and expanding audiences.  Cheers!

Happy Show-Scoring!

Show-Score is built by theater fans, for theater fans. Show-Score simply and clearly organizes the information you need to discover shows you’ll love, from people you trust, at the right price for you. Best of all, we make it fun for you to share what you think about the shows you’ve seen.

When we started, Show-Score’s original members were our theater-going friends. Now we want to expand the community to include everyone who loves theater. Together we can help each other find shows we’ll love, while expanding audiences for this amazing art form that we hold so dear.

Welcome to Show-Score!

Tom Melcher

Founder and CEO


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