Gussy up your Group & GO be AMAZED by Steve Cohen’s Chamber Magic

I first caught wind of Steve Cohen’s Chamber Magic when I stumbled across a group photo of a friend’s family at the show on social media.  The family looked so lovely all gussied up for the event and my friend’s words about the event were super complimentary.  It is important to mention that this family recently returned from traveling around the world for 18 months, partaking in interesting pursuits all over the globe.  This is a family that knows a thing or two about quality entertainment, clearly their opinion can be trusted.  I was sold and immediately bought tickets for the husband’s birthday experience.  Oh the marketing power of social media!


As we are on the heels of an active spring at the theater my show weary family (poor things) were not exactly on board with my big evening out plans.  Why do we have to get dressed up they asked?  It’s a rule of the show.  How long is the show?  90 minutes.  Why can’t we just stay home?  Because we live in NYC and this is something we will enjoy.  My goodness!!  So much squawking to get them out the door.

That mission accomplished and with dinner under our dressed up belts, I got them to the Palace Hotel at the recommended time for our 7pm show.  Up some stairs and a bit hidden in the wing of the hotel, the venue has a bit of speakeasy feel coupled with old world glamour that is sadly hard to find these days.  We were graciously escorted to our gold back chairs and delighted to be seated behind the very person who inspired our visit in the first place – my world traveling friend who was back for round two with her mom and and her Aunt Sally.  Fun!

The venue seats exactly 100 people and the event tends to sell out as it gets closer to show time.  The old world glamour is deliberate as Steve Cohen, the modern day conjurer, is deliberately trying to whisk his audience back to a time and place before there was no radio or tv or iPhones or iPads or Apple watches.  We were told to silence and put away our phones or Steve would make them DISAPPEAR.

Depending on your age demographic you may recall a time when it was expected that one “dress up” for the theater.  A night out to be entertained was special.  It was an occasion.  While I still tend to kick it up a notch for our evenings at the theater, this mindset is not exactly shared by all of my fellow audience members.  These days anything can and does go at the theater, which is why it was this evening in this intimate and glamorous setting with top notch and mystifying magic was so special so oh so very grab your group and go worthy.

I won’t go too much into the magic, but I will mention he does have a magical teapot that pours out any drink that you think (what I wouldn’t pay for one of those).  He magically was able to conjure up names of people’s childhood pets.  His facility with card tricks is other worldly.   He is handy with a map and can fuse rings together.  He is playful, witty, and quick.  He will absolutely charm the socks right off of you.  You will be amazed and befuddled and then more amazed.   Grab Your Group and GO! GO! GO!

Let me know when you are going and maybe I will go too.  Pay a little extra for the front row!  So much fun!  Bonus: the family loved it too!




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