Grab a ClassPass & GO Workout Part 2: The 5 Reasons why I Love my ClassPass

Last May I wrote about my experience converting my fitness routine from frequenting one single studio to ClassPass – an app that allows me access to a whole array of fitness classes throughout this amazing town.  At that point I was still in the early dating stages of ClassPass – excited about exploring and trying new things and breaking out of my fitness rut. Now, well into year two, I can confirm that I am in love with this service and can’t imagine going back to a single studio model (nice as some of them can be).  Oh how I love my ClassPass, let me count the ways…

  1.  Workout with WHO you want to WHEN you want to.  NYC is full of talented instructors, but let’s face you jibe more with some more than with others.  With ClassPass you can bop around the city working out with your own personal definition of the best of the best.  I say “your own personal” definition because it is chemistry and chemistry is personal.  I am a sucker for good old fashioned friendly, so I am drawn to that in an instructor and in a studio.  It is always a pleasure to enter ChaiseFitness.  Most of the instructors make it a point to find out your name and use it extensively throughout the class.  I also appreciate not being beholden to a studio’s schedule.  It seems like every day brings with it a different window of opportunity to work out.  That ClassPass allows me to dictate my window and conjure up classes that will work for me within that window is awesome.  So I get to pick my people and pick my time frame – maximizing my experience and my control over the situation.  Win! Win!


2.  Be Social or Not.   I know for certain that if I turn up to Tracey’s 10:30am Thursday class at Exceed I am bound to be working out with, at least, two friends.  I eyeball the sign up list upon arrival just to see who is in my future.  I love this and always have a blast with my friends while Tracey rotates us around the various challenging circuits pushing us to be our strongest.

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This is also the case with the  Monday 11:30am Hot High Intensity class at Bode NYC.    This class is, as the name suggests, intense and having a friend grimacing by my side makes the mild torture that hurts so good much easier to endure.  There are days (not many, but some) where I don’t want to be social and there are classes for that too.  My favorite is Y7 where I will be alone on my mat in the dark flowing through an elegant series of yoga postures as lead by the encouraging and zen like instructor – good for the body and the brain.  By the time the class is over my brain is re-set and I am ready to be social again.

3.  Mixing things up is good for your body and your brain.  As I mentioned in my year of yes post, you should do something every day that gets you out of your comfort zone.  Workout classes can provide a dose of this if you pick the right ones.  I love to work out, but I do not have the discipline myself to put my feet into the TRX bands and do four sets of planks.  Maybe one or two, but not four!  But if Tracey tells me to do it – I will do it.  It is uncomfortable, but that is where the magic happens – in the discomfort zone.


If you rotate through a variety of different classes with different discomfort zones that exercise your body and mind in multiple ways, you cannot help but get stronger.  My husband has noticed this in my body and I noticed it on the ski slopes when it was not quite as challenging to keep up with him and my kids on the slopes.  Just in the nick of time too. I was not a fan of my 13 year old’s moniker of me as a slow poke.  Thank you ClassPass!

4.  ClassPass is easier on my wallet.   I am that person that counts the number of ski runs I do to determine my cost per run.  While I was at Pure Yoga I was very mindful to get there at least 10 times a month, but even then the class cost translated to $25 a class.  I would have had to do 17 classes per month to get the cost down to the average Class Pass cost.  This is too much studio time as I also like to run, swim, bike, walk, and play tennis.  With ClassPass I am guaranteed a reasonable price per fitness class and I can add more if want to.  Recently, they have moved to a points system.  For $135 I get 90 points which will get me 9 to 12 classes depending on which I choose (different classes have different point values).  Before changing to the point system, ClassPass restricted you to only 3 visits to a specific studio per month. This was one of my downsides in last year’s post. Now after one passes the 3 class mark, they upcharge you just a bit (depending on the class).  The cost is still reasonable, but you will burn through your points more quickly. At any time you can purchase more points for your plan and new this month you can roll up to 10 points over to the next month. This means I won’t have to do two classes on the last day of my cycle as I have been wont to do in the past.

5. ClassPass is eye opening. I love any opportunity to have my eyes opened to new things and different experiences. NYC offers of a cornucopia of fitness offerings and ClassPass is my passport to experience them.  I love that moment when I insert my search parameters and the app pops back with an array of choices for me.  Is Ashley teaching today?  Should I try something new?  Where is Gail working out today? Adventure awaits and it’s just a ClassPass class away.

If this sounds of interest to you ClassPass is running a special!  I love specials too.  You can sign up to try out ClassPass for $4.00 for two weeks.  You will receive 36 credits which will get you 3 or 4 classes depending on the classes that you choose.  Bargain! If you decide to deepen your commitment and sign on use my code: and we will each get $40 to spend on green juice.

Studio Spotlights:

Chaise Fitness (featured in my cover image) has four warm and welcoming studios in Manhattan.  Their tagline is Build Your Strong Self and they do just this with each and every class.  The various props used during the class keep me entertained and, more importantly, engaged.  Your whole body is actively engaged throughout every class with particular emphasis on core and arms.  I am pretty sure I have the Chaise Flying Series to thank for my new found speed on the slopes.

Exceed Physical Culture (where Tracey works) is an athlete’s gym with locations on the Upper East Side and Tribeca.  I love making my way through the first room where privates are taking place and seeing athletes training athletes.  The classes also are presented with a very athletic mind set that push one to, safely, bust through their comfort zone while getting a complete body work out.  There is a congeniality at Exceed that is contagious and it consistently provides a challenging workout.


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