Forget the group just go & see Farinelli and The King with your own eyes…GO!

Thank you to all those involved in the production of Farinelli and the King for a perfectly satisfying and sumptuous evening on Broadway.  Part history lesson as we learned about the trials and tribulations of the mad king of Spain.  Part science lesson as we observed the power of music to transform the inner workings of the brain.  Part opera as we bore witness to celebrated countertenor Iestyn Davies sharing his voice while hanging in the air.  Part finely honed drama with an ensemble of talented actors.  Part comedy as the players playfully moved parts of the story along, conjuring up belly laughs from the audience.

All Mark Rylance.

IMG_9952Oh my what a gift to see Mark Rylance transform before our very eyes on the stage in various permutations of personas and psyches… completely and utterly endearing in all of his various forms.  The command he has over his expressions is other worldly, registering deep down and then projecting out from his oh so intense eyes.  His eyes should get an award for the range of expression he is able to communicate through them.  I have never seen anything like it.  My eyes were grateful for the experience.  His interplay with the audience was completely captivating.  If I could go back tonight and sit in the front row hoping his eyes would connect with mine for even a moment, I would.

For all his immense accomplishments I get the sense he is a humble and gracious man.  For the final bow he locked hands with his fellow actors announcing to the audience his firm place as part of an ensemble.  Even in the Playbill his write up is understated and quiet.  I think I love him.

The show is closing on March 25th.  Do what you can to go see this play.  Your eyes will thank you.  Before the show starts be sure to read the brief historical insert included in the Playbill:  Mad Monarchs and Angels in the Spanish Court — Sounding out the The Historical Truths Behind Farinelli and the King.  FASCINATING stuff.  Thank you playwright Claire van Kampen (and Mark’s wife) for bringing this amazing story to the stage.     BRAVO!


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