What’s Love Got to Do with The Parisian Woman?

There was a lot of love flying around on stage last night at the Hudson Theater.  Loathing also figured prominently.  And lying, lots and lots of lying.  Love. Loathing. Lying.  Three things that make for compelling drama which is exactly what the The Parisian Woman was: a compelling drama.

The opening scene with the surprise twist (which I won’t share) was worth the price of admission alone and the audience rewarded it with a thunder of laughter.  The ever gorgeous Uma Thurman was very Uma Thurmanesque.  I am guessing the decision to put her in a white shirt a la Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction was very deliberate.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen… This is Uma Thurman.  My favorite scenes were the repartee between her Jeannette, very smartly played by Blair Brown.  They fired zingers back and forth as they alternately wooed and played one another.

img_0372-1.jpgPlay or get played was the name of the game in this fictional, but believable echelon of DC and all of the playing took place in some pretty posh settings.  Would happily swap out my living room for the elegant stage set of Chloe and Tom’s swish digs.

I did not love the electronic device that was used for the stage changes.  It made my eyes wince, but the technique did do the job of masking the heavy lifting.  Josh Lucas was fun to see in person.  The cast was rounded out with performances by Philippa Soo and Marton Csokas.

As we saw this on the eve of Valentine’s Day, I wonder if the play had happened in real time how each character would be celebrating this day of love?  Would they choose love?  Would they choose to loathe?  Or would they loath what they lost?  I suppose we will never know and they would have just lied about it anyway.  Just a House of Cards waiting to crumble.

If you plan to see The Parisian Woman, go see it soon!  The show closes March 11th.

Must give a shout out to our post dinner location: Un Deux Trois.  I first went here when I was in 6th grade with my mom before we went to see Annie (with Sarah Jessica Parker in the role of the plucky red head).  I am sure I was trying to be on my best NYC behavior and remember distinctly being so impressed that there were crayons on the table.  In a grand flourish the waiter wrote down his name and it was fun to be in what my 12 year old Ohioan self perceived as a fancy place that still was open to the concept of play.

Well the restaurant is still there,  the crayons are still on the table (look how happy this makes my not 12 year old niece) and it does have a very warm and welcoming Parisian bistro kind of feel.


The fact that it was next DOOR to The Parisian Woman made it a no brainer of a choice.  The restaurant specializes in pre-theater dining which means they know how to get you in and out VITE VITE while still enjoying your meal.  Our server was highly efficient, honest (“no don’t get that!”), and fun.  And as Un Deux Trois is right next to Farinelli and The King you can bet that is where we will be after the show in March.  Bon Appetite!



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