What to see? Grab your Group & GO Guide to Broadway – Spring 2018 Edition

A few times a month via email, messenger, text or while working out I get asked “What show should I see on Broadway?”  This question cannot be answered in isolation.  An informed answer necessitates information.  “Who’s in the group?” is always the very first question I lob back.  Such a simple question but a critical component to consider when suggesting a show.

Broadway shows are pricey and often are the centerpiece of one’s trip to NYC (even if it is a day trip from the Upper East side).  I am honored and happy to be asked and take the answering of the question very seriously, so as to pinpoint the best show for each group.  I also like to offer options so people have back ups and the luxury of choice.  I have some opinions on restaurants too, but will save that for another post.

The Spring 2018 Grab your Group and Go Guide to Broadway

Note:  Some shows will be repeated in categories… they are just worthy of SO many groups.
Also:  With the exception of Farinelli and the King the picks below are LONG RUNNING shows.  Too tricky to include the short running shows and don’t want to frustrate the readers by falling in love with a show pick only to learn it is no longer on Broadway.  That said, Farinelli and The King is too sublime not to include.

Which category do you and your group fall into?

My husband and I are coming to NYC to celebrate our Anniversary.  I love musicals, but my husband is more of a play person… 

Come From Away – Even the most skeptical musical person will love this show.
The Band’s Visit– Quiet, sensual, with a seductive and lyrical pace that draws you in.
Farinelli and The King – Starring the remarkable Mark Rylance this is a play WITH singing (and candles)!  Win, win, win!
Once on this Island –  Have not seen this show yet, but enjoyed reading all of the rapturous reviews about it.  Every single reviewer was hands down unabashedly in love with this show.

My 14 and 15 year old niece and nephew are coming from out of town and want to see Book of Mormon. Is that a good choice?

Book of Mormon is pretty darn funny, but with that age group I gotta go with Dear Evan Hansen.  Can you swing both?  Also good, rollicking fun with lots of talking points for post show banter…Kinky BootsWaitress would also be a crowd pleaser with this age group.  And come mid-March add Mean Girls to this list.

I am in town for four days on business and want to see 3 shows while I am there.  What should I see?

Come From Away – Dare you NOT to leap out of your seat at the end.
Dear Evan Hansen – Painful topic, important show.
The Band’s Visit –  Remain in your spot after the initial curtain call as the instruments get a curtain call of their very own.
Hello, Dolly!  Big, bold, fun and feathery show celebrating all that is good and great about Broadway.
Once on this Island –  Get there early.  The fun begins before the “curtain” goes up.  (There is no curtain – but this is a handy word to employ to make my point).

This will be my 7 year olds first time to NYC and first Broadway show…  

The Lion King – I have seen this show three maybe four times and would happily go again just for the opening number.  Sit in the orchestra and watch your kids eyeballs pop out of their heads.
Anastasia  – Have not seen it, but am hoping too soon.  History with sweeping Broadway fanfare.
Aladdin – Loveable, magical time on Broadway.
SpongeBob SquarePantsSo much to love about this energetic, optimistic, creative and fresh new offering on Broadway.

We are a family with three kids age range from 6 to 12.  Is there a show all will enjoy?

SpongeBob Square Pants – Oozing with optimism and ingenuity.
School of Rock –  A rocking time will be had by all.
The Lion King –  Crowd pleaser with a capital C.
Wicked –  Wicked good fun with some heart thumping and transporting singing.
A Bronx Tale –  A glimpse into NYC in the 1960’s while we watch one man come of age.  Family, loyalty, and life decisions accompanied by catchy tunes.
Once on this Island – Island vibes and rapturous reviews…counting the minutes until I see this show.

Ladies weekend in NYC – lots of shopping and 2 Broadway shows if we can fit it all in…

Beautiful – Be amazed by Carole King’s story, her singing, and the evolution of her hair!
Waitress – Catchy score and sweet performances.  Bring money for the pies in the jar.   If you go before February 25th, you can see triple threat Sara Bareilles in the role of Jenna. Through February 11th, she will be starring opposite Jason Mraz as Dr. Pomatter.  A musical and a concert!
Hello, Dolly! – Bernadette Peters is now Dolly.  A must see performance.
Come From Away – As you may have derived by now I am BIG FAN of this show. Everyone should experience it.

My Mother in Law is coming to town…

Once again, I have to recommend:  BeautifulCome From Away, Hello, Dolly! or Once on This Island.

Money is no object, what’s the hottest ticket in town?

This is is a fictional person. :)  But if that happens to be you – knock yourself out – and bring me!

Hamilton – Not. One. Bit. Over rated. Genius!
Bruce Springsteen on Broadway  – Have not seen it, but my friends who have speak of it in hushed, awe inspired tones like they’ve been let in on some life changing secret experience.

I have a Theater Group – what shows should be on my list?

Ha!  That’s me!  After three years I have become desensitized – a bit – but on the day of our theater group shows I would still characterize myself as equal parts “giddy” and “on edge.”  I know that I have no control over the content of the show, only the decision to be in the audience, but I do worry about people’s allocations of two very valuable resources:  money and time.  I am feeling good about our spring line up, but even if it turns out to be a bad night on Broadway I will remember what a friend once said “I would rather have been there and not liked it than to not have been there at all.”

AMBITIOUS spring line up for my Theater Group… 

The Band’s Visit
The Parisian Wife
Farinelli and the King
Once on this Island
Mean Girls
Iceman Cometh
Escape to Margaritaville

I LOVE NEW YORK!  Consider me giddy (and a tad on edge)!  See you on Broadway!!


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  1. It is time for me to go back to NYC. It has been about 11 1/2 years since I been to NYC. I only have been once, which was just a trip with mom and we saw Wicked on Broadway. Since, mom and I had three other dates to the theatre: Phantom of the Opera (2014 in Greenville), Pippin (2015 in Charlotte), Les Mis (2015 in the West End). Those aren’t the only musicals I have seen: others include Rent, Newsies, Sound of Music, and Annie

  2. Great post!

    On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 10:14 AM, Grab Your Group and GO wrote:

    > GrabYourGroupandGO posted: “A few times a month via email, messenger, text > or while working out I get asked “What show should I see on Broadway?” > This question cannot be answered in isolation. An informed answer > necessitates information. “Who’s in the group?” is always the very f” >

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