Look out! It’s a… Meteor Shower on Broadway

I am not sure what exactly was going through Steve Martin’s brain when he wrote Meteor Shower.  I picture him having various “ah ha” moments that probably made so much sense to him, but that left me a little bewildered… in a good way.  My brain was all over the map trying to figure out the meaning behind the meaning.  The discussion my group had after the show was certainly lively, much like the backdrop of the starry sky in the show.

Some questions that were swirling around in my brain and in the conversations at the after show gathering at the very hospitable Lounge Room of Southern Hospitality include:

Was the visiting couple a reflection of the host couple’s subconscious selves?  

Was the first visit by the couple the real visit and the second two visits iterations of how the hosts would like to have behaved? Or were the three visits a sliding door situation?  In this case I choose situation #3. 

Who are the Cooper’s and what did the visiting couple do to them? 

Did Amy Schumer’s Corky really react to her husband’s collision with a meteor with “I guess I can re-decorate now.”? 

Are social situations SO much different in Los Angeles than they are here?  

What was the symbolism of To Kill a Mockingbird (aka The Cuckoo Bird Dies) as referenced by Norm? 

Did Amy Schumer’s character really eat her best friend and how random was it to have that be part of the narrative?  Or not? 

Through the iterative visits did the couple become a better and stronger version of themselves?  Would they eventually learn that it was okay to be the first to let go?  

So many questions! What I do know is that I loved seeing it all play out on stage.  Amy Schumer, in all her various Corkys, was hilarious and she nailed some pretty funny physical comedy, if you know what I mean.  Jeremy Shamos as Norm could not have been more Norm like and it was fun to see his transformation.  Keegan-Michael Key as Gerald was all bluster and ill placed charisma.  And well Laura Benanti, as Laura, just glows doing anything, she should just be on a stage doing something every night.

My seat mates and I laughed.  A lot.  My friend Sarah said “I felt like I was in the audience for a viewing of a sitcom.”  I thought these were wise words and that maybe with all the questions we were over-thinking things just a tad.  So grab your group and go see this show.  Don’t over think it.  Just sit and watch and laugh and enjoy your time on Broadway and the shooting stars.     It is closing on January 21st.    Tickets are limited…but there is some availability.



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