Giving Thanks with Your Group

Given the goal of this blog, to offer ideas for experiences you can have with your group, it should be no great revelation that Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. It is the day we all come together to experience a meal as a group and give thanks.  We are thankful for our group and all that we have in our lives no matter who is sitting around the table.  I give thanks to our founding fathers for creating such a day that is an absolute necessity in this fast moving culture of ours.

The day includes an abundance of traditions that have been created around the Thanksgiving meal.  I know many of you will be kicking off your day with some sort of physical activity.  My friend Diane will be doing her turkey run in Saratoga, NY.  We will be taking our umpteenth spin around Ft. Pond in the Montauk Turkey Trot and then get our photo with the brave turkey mascot.  Whether it is an organized turkey burn or a brisk walk with your assembled crew or the baking of the pies or the setting of the table or the building of the fires or the peeling of the potatoes, I hope there is something that brings your group together in advance of the meal.

Around 4pm we will all gather around the turkey fryer for the ceremonious dipping of our bird into the hot oil.  It’s always exciting and a little bit scary to slowly lower the turkey into the boiling cauldron of oil.  Then at a healthy distance and with appropriate layers of clothing we wait 40 minutes while our bird gets fried.  I love this part of the day.   Glasses of wine are involved.  We are outside.  We are together. The setting is convivial and a teensy bit dangerous.

IMG_2635Today our turkey frying ritual and our thanksgiving table will have a bit of United Nations feel.  Our group will include representatives from China, Germany,  Sweden, and India.  For some this will be their first time joining us on this day, for others it will be the 7th+ time sharing in our Thanksgiving.  I look forward to rehashing old stories,  learning new stories, and perhaps creating new traditions with our assembled crew.  I am really looking forward to the international interpretations of our post Thanksgiving dinner game of charades!

Happy Thanksgiving group!  I am thankful for all of you.


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  1. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! It is our favorite holiday as well. Sydney learned about Sarah Hale, the woman who is responsible for Thanksgiving being a national holiday, this year. She was a pretty remarkable woman, who is behind a whole lots of things that are part of our life. Thought you would be interested to know about such a fierce woman!

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