Grab (most of) Your Group & GO…to NINJA!

Ninja, an experience restaurant in downtown NYC, is not for everyone.  If you have folks in your group who are: afraid of loud noises, prone to claustrophobia, or have a heart condition I would find another spot.  Super duper foodies would probably be happier dining elsewhere.  I also don’t think it is an ideal fit for date night, but I did see some twosomes huddled together.

You don’t go to Ninja for the food (though it is quite serviceable).  You go to Ninja for the fun.  You will scream, you will laugh, you will watch things get lit on fire, and your group will have a blast.  Your adventure begins in the elevator and continues until you exit the premises, hopefully unscathed.  Last night my group included my kids, my brother and his wife from Ohio, and my niece Abigail and her boyfriend.  We chose Ninja because we wanted to have a memorable dinner for our out of town guests and bring them somewhere they are likely not to find in Cleveland.  Mission accomplished.


After we survived the elevator ride our noisy ninja lead us through some narrow and winding passageways to our own private dining dungeon.  I think this is reason enough to go to Ninja!  So fun to be seemingly alone in a restaurant in Manhattan.  Our nimble ninja dramatically presented the drink menu and was Johnny on the spot with delivering them.  The food menu was presented with further flair.  Lots to choose from on the food front and the menu offers pre-set meals my fave being: The Sanada Set.


Important!  See the little black symbol above?  Well it has a name.  The symbol, I was told by my anime loving son, is a Shuriken.  A what, you say?  A Shuriken is a hidden hand blade.  They are also known as throwing stars or ninja stars.  Be sure to order something on the menu that includes a Shuriken.  These items have been ninja-fied and will include a special surprise along with your food.  I am a total sucker for a special surprise.  Note how my favorite meal comes with TWO Shurikens.  FUN.

Of course,  we also pretended it was someone’s birthday.  My brother’s wife was our birthday victim and this only added to the experience.  Along with the various Ninja flourishes we were also treated to a very impressive (it’s possible we are easy to impress) private magic show.  Still wondering how Len got that lemon AND lime to appear.


Dinner flew by at a ninja like pace.  We all had a blast and it was, as we hoped, a memorable Saturday night.  Grab your group and go to Ninja!


The restaurant is located at 25 Hudson Street, New York, NY.
(212) 274-8500     Ninja is also on for online reservations.


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