Oh the Places We’ve Been! Celebrating our Travels One Pin at a Time!

If you have spent a bit of time on this blog you may have gleaned that my thing is gathering experiences – it says those very words in my bio.  I will always opt for a trip somewhere over a material item.  But let’s face it – I still have things.  If you came over for dinner I have a table to sit at and we’d probably have drinks before the meal on my sofa with nice wine glasses.  I am not thing averse, they are just not a priority for me.  But sometimes the thing you gather can amplify, magnify and celebrate an aspect of your life that you cherish.  Enter our family travel wall…


I love my family travel wall.  It is just a series of things, BUT it is a series of things that enables me to pause, to smile, and to remember.  It is a wall that reminds me quite loudly that my children are growing, and growing up and fast.  Every time I walk past it a memory is sparked and I smile.  Often I have laundry spilling out of my arms when I troll on by.  I cannot get to the kids rooms without passing it and often pause to reflect.  Reflect on the places we’ve been, but also gawk at all we still have left to explore!   It is not a small world after all.

When we returned from Africa in June, we went straight to Montauk.  In August we popped into our apartment in the city en route to North Carolina.  The kids and I were looking forward to finally adding our gold pins to the African continent.  Well guess who got there first!?  The husband, their father had already staked out the territory!


We laughed and made a mental note to beat him to the punch next time.  Hey Japan, get ready.  We’re coming your way.

screen-shot-2017-09-20-at-8-37-56-am-e1505911337915.pngI am sure many of you already have your own version of this.  For those who don’t I highly recommend starting one.  Our map was acquired at Push Pin Travel Maps  – lots to choose from!  The square photos I ordered via Mixtiles, a handy app that let’s you order these square photos with stickies on the back.  The tiles can be removed and moved around with zero damage to your walls.  I know for a fact this is true as the twins are constantly rearranging the photos.  Happy travels.  Oh the places you’ll go but don’t forget to celebrate the places you’ve been!

I would love to hear about how you collect your travel memories!  Please share in the comments…


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    1. Sneaky right? We keep it in the “family” hall where all our 3 bedrooms are stashed. Unless you go to the kid’s room you don’t really see it. Feels more personal this way and to use Margaux’s words: less braggy. 🙂

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