Grab Your Group & Paddle: My Journey with Paddlers for Humanity

There is a group of committed people on the East End of Long Island.  They are athletic, passionate, brave visionaries who gather each year in August to lead a team of fundraisers on paddles or in kayaks on a journey across the ocean.  It is an 18 mile crossing from the very tip of Montauk to Block Island over open water and all that is attendant with that.

On August 19th, 2017 they will be making their 12th crossing.  Each paddler that joins the event must raise $1,500 in support of Paddlers for Humanity.  The group then carefully selects causes to fund that benefit the East End community.  The list of causes that the over $1.3 million the group has raised goes to is long, and it has a whole lot of heart.  You can click here to see exactly where the dollars collectively have been distributed and you will quickly observe that this group is creating positive change in the lives of a whole lot of humans.

I imagine every dollar they bestow is carefully considered, as is every aspect of this group paddle to Block Island.  You can’t take one person, let alone some 70 people, across the ocean on a paddle board or a kayak without some serious and careful consideration.  I will be one of those 70 people and I look forward to sharing with you here all that I learn about paddling, these amazing people, the causes that inspire them, and the adventure of training for and then making this crossing.

Paddle on friends!  Paddle ON!


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