Final Thoughts on Africa… plus consolidated trip information

Five years ago, we made a list of must see as a family destinations.  Africa was at the top of the list, but we had to wait for the kids to grow up a bit to make the trip.  Before I get down to the business of summer, I wanted to close the loop on our journey…

Our visit can be summarized in two words: luxury and privilege.  By luxury, I don’t mean The Four Seasons and 1000 thread count sheets.  I mean the luxury of time.  Time to just sit and think.  Time to gaze while sitting on top of a safari vehicle surrounded by 4 families of elephants.  Time to appreciate being together as a family as you experience the singular landscape and all it has to offer.

[wpvideo 7ej3aZ2w]

It was the luxury of interacting with the people, the guides in particular, who were so generous with their knowledge and enthusiasm for their country.  It was the luxury of gazing at the immense array of stars peppered across the night sky and quietly reveling in the sun that reappeared each morning promptly at 6:30am.

IMG_1344By privilege, I don’t mean silver spoon and all that entails.  I mean it was a privilege to see every animal in it’s natural habitat living it’s life.  It was a privilege to observe a leopard seemingly lounging in a tree, but truthfully keeping an ever watchful eye on her baby leopards playing beneath her.  It was a privilege to see the sunset behind a massive tree and watch the light shift before our eyes.  It was a privilege to live, even if only for a few days, smack in the middle of such an incredible, untouched, wild and perfect landscape.  It was a privilege to be reminded that we, as humans, are just one small speck of this operation we call the world.  We get so wrapped up in ourselves – it was a privilege to get away from the nonsense of the everyday and just be.

IMG_2844I need to go back.  And if Africa, Tanzania in particular, sounds of interest to you; you need to figure out a way to go.  I have been home for exactly a week now and so many people have asked me for details of our trip so that they can begin planning their own adventure.  Please keep asking.  I could talk about Africa all day and host slideshows every Wednesday sharing our pictures (who’s in?).

If you are more of a read all about it type – we have consolidated all of the words that Grab Your Group and GO has written about this journey below.

Happy reading, planning, and going!

Things to consider when planning to Grab your Group and GO on an African Safari

Houses with Soft Walls in Africa

Mkombe’s House Lamai – Our Little House on a Hill in the Serengeti

A Thank You Note to our Amazing Nomad Tanzania Safari Guides





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  1. So amazing! You have inspired me! However, your roller coaster buddy is nowhere near ready for a trip like this. Maybe when she’s the twins’ age and Zander’s about to go to college. Hope you are now happily settled at the beach and organizing photos. Looking forward to a slideshow party! Xo Sarah

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    1. My roller coaster buddy would love this trip. I think she could pull it off at 10 but maybe 12/13 is a better idea. Happy to have you and her and the whole family over for a slideshow when we are back in NYC. Fun! Enjoy your summer and see you soon. xo

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