When Art & Nature Convene

Going to the New York Botanical Gardens is always a good idea.  Expansive grounds that celebrate nature in all of it’s incandescent forms.  It’s good for the mind, the body and the soul.  You know when you go there will be a moment where you are just happy to be alive and feel lucky to walk amongst nature’s miracles on such grand display.

IMG_1049Between now and October 29th the experience is all the richer for the thoughtfully placed Chihuly glass blown sculptures that magically both POP and BLEND into the landscape.  The designer and his team must have had so much fun strategizing on where to place his whimsical works around the space.  We sure had fun looking for them.  Less fun must have been transporting these delicate pieces ACROSS THE COUNTRY, but apparently the team took that in stride.  It took eight, 15-foot-long tractor trailer trucks to move the pieces of glass from Seattle to our backyard.

We visited the garden during the day before lunch on Arthur Avenue.  The pieces sparkled in the sun, reflected on the water, and jazzed up every place they were put.  Yes these pieces are man made, but their fluidity, color and shape only serve to compliment nature, not distract from it.

FullSizeRender-6The exhibit is the ultimate celebration of art convening with nature.  It is special to see his work on this stage any time, but I think an off the charts special time would be to go in the evening around dusk to watch the light change on these amazing creations.  There would probably be a glass of wine involved which wouldn’t hurt the situation.

NYBG has thought this all through and thus are offering Chihuly Nights!  The evenings are limited for now (Saturday night this weekend!), but come September/October they will be offered Thursday, Friday and Saturday.   You can for sure bet I will be grabbing my group and going back then.  You should grab your group and go be bedazzled too.   Cheers.  Linda


Saturdays, April 29–June 24;
Thursdays, July–August;
Thursdays–Saturdays, September–October

6:30–10:30 p.m.

On CHIHULY Nights the exhibition is infused with a magical energy as the artworks are spectacularly illuminated amid NYBG’s sweeping vistas and magnificent Conservatory. After sunset, the atmosphere is thrilling: experience the heightened drama and luminous quality of Dale Chihuly’s colors and forms when lit under the evening sky. In the Visitor Center plaza, a rotating lineup of performing artists and musicians provides entertainment while you relax and enjoy shopping, food, and Avión Tequila cocktails available for purchase.

Non-Member Adult $35, Child (ages 2-12) $15 / Member $25, (ages 2-12) Child $10


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