September Show? Please vote.

I am torn between two diametrically opposed shows…

  •  A Dolls House, Part 2 – an angsty play about a marriage gone awry with some of Broadway’s finest on stage to tell the story.


  • Bandstand a big band, rollicking musical starring Ohio boy and future SUPER star: Corey Cott.

Kind of a left brain or right brain choice.   What do you choose?  Do you have another idea to add to the mix?  Many of the other shows I wanted to see – Oslo, Six Degrees of Separation or Marvin’s Room will have closed by the time the month of September rolls around.   🙁



  1. Curious if Dolls House will still have the original Tony winning cast.

    1. Hi Deb! Per an insider I learned that contracts are usually for a year so we are in this window and should be good to go if this is the show that is picked for September. Love Laurie Metcalf Chris Cooper and Jayne Houdyshell. Let’s sit up close if we can!

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