More Tony Talk…! Can’t help myself.

There is an interesting article in the NY Times today discussing the heated battle for Best New Musical and Best New Play at the Tony Awards coming up on Sunday @8pm. 

For the former category, apparently it is a dead heat between the 839 voters (doesn’t that seem like a rather small # to you?) for either Dear Evan Hansen or Come From Away. The NY Times termed the contention as “deeply divided”. Sound familiar? When art imitates life! Interestingly this year is in sharp contrast to last year, when I called the Tony Awards “The Hamilton Show.”     

Deeply divided is not the story our poll indicates – we have one clear winner which I will spill on Sunday before the beginning of the program. So feel free to cast your vote at your leisure some time before the Tony Awards roll on to the TV. 

The actual Tony voters have a much sooner deadline, they MUST submit their final votes today by 6pm. The ballots are filled out by hand on paper – old school! I know of one ballot that is being driven to the lawyers as I type! It is required that each Tony voter see every show that has been nominated in one of the 41 theaters that host Tony eligible shows AKA Broadway Theaters. The tickets are comp’d and the actors know where the Tony voters are sitting and have been known to emote in that direction.   

Per the article, Kevin Kline is a lock for Best Actor in a play for his performance in Present Laughter and Bette Midler is going to be celebrated for her romp in Hello Dolly. Will she be there to receive her prize? Apparently Ben Platt’s main competition is the fellow we did not see on Tuesday in Groundhog Day: Andy Karl. Mr. Karl is supposed to be one heck of a nice guy and may score some votes based on this, but the Ben Platt performance, for me, should win him the prize. Laura Linney has my vote for her role in The Little Foxes, but has some serious competition via Laurie Metcalf’s character in Doll’s House 2. When I saw Sweat I assumed it would win best new play, but as mentioned this category is also in a dead heat with Oslo and Doll’s House 2 standing as the strongest contenders. 

Anyway, so exciting! At least for this theater geek.  🙂  Like my very own Super Bowl – maybe someday I will get invited to see it LIVE!??? A girl can dream.


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