Bravo to Broadway

I am busting at the seams with bravos to hand out so will get right to it.

Bravo to Kevin Spacey in all of his various iterations for taking on the Tony awards as a host and killing it (even though some snarky reviewers are saying otherwise).  His ambitious, endearing, and self deprecating opening act is worthy of several repeat viewings.  He made it clear out of the gates that he was an unabashed lover of all things Broadway and the look in his adoring eyes said “gosh darn it you should be too.”  Bravo Kevin!

Bravo to all of the winners and their gracious, inspirational and thoughtful acceptance speeches encouraging widespread support of the arts.

Bravo to Bette Midler for being Bette Midler and shutting down the orchestra mid speech so she could trill on with her thank yous.   I could have listened to her glowin’, crowin’, and goin’ strong all night.  You go Bette!

Bravo to the producers of this show for bringing the theater into the living rooms of America.  Even if just a handful of people’s eyes were opened and inspired by the show our world will be just a little bit better for it.

Bravo again to the producers for giving the Four American Playwrights nominated for Best Play their very own spotlight to voice the purpose and meaning of their written words that were brought to life so beautifully on stage.

Bravo to The American Theater Wing for recognizing our boy Ben Platt as the clear winner of Best Actor in a musical this season.   If I saw him on the street this morning I would tackle him with the biggest bear hug I could muster and not let go.  He could not be more lovable and what he achieves in his role as Evan Hansen is other worldly.     Bravo Ben!

Bravo to this Theater Group for knowing in advance the outcome of Best Musical.   Clearly you guys have your finger on the pulse of culture and handily predicted the winner.  Bravo to all of the Dear Evan Hansen voters!

Bravo to Kristen Healy for taking the words right out of my mouth and putting them on Facebook.  She said “Once again I’m reminded to take advantage of the wonderful performances in my own backyard.”   Bravo Kristen and well said.   Those of us who live in or near this city or travel here often are so fortunate to have all of this creative and passionate talent resident in our concrete backyards.   Bravo to us for taking advantage of it.


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