And the Theater Group/Facebook Friends Tony Award for Best Musical goes too…

Dear Evan Hansen BY A LANDSLIDE!  
The other three shows only got a handful of votes.  Come From Away came in 2nd and Groundhog Day placed 3rd, landing The Great Comet came in 4th place.
Dear Evan Hansen is being widely praised for getting young people back into the theater.  Obviously that must be why it was so popular with our cross section of voters – so young!  And if not by number at least in spirit!  Come From Away still gets my vote.  I guess I must be a fan of all things “leachy” which is the word the NY Times used to criticize the show.
I am going to toss one more “I hope he wins” into the discussion.  Please let John Boy aka Richard Thomas win the Tony for his featured role in the play The Little Foxes.    The man literally goes blue in the face a few times as we witness his dramatic and painful to watch demise at the hands of the no good Regina.  Surely that is worth the prize??  Go Richard go.  My fingers are crossed for you.
And look!  Some of us won a prize in our very own category in The New Yorker.   While it is true they don’t say specific names we all know who they are talking about…me and a whole lot of yous!  🙂
Best Mom Between the Ages of Forty-five and Sixty-five Whose Full-Price Ticket Purchases Keep the Precariously Balanced Commercial-Theatre Industry from Collapsing Like the House of Cards That It Is, Whose Taste Dictates the Shows That Succeed, Who Can’t Understand Why She Is Bombarded with Broadway-Related E-mails Despite Constantly Unsubscribing from Them
For the rest of the article click here.   Very funny.  Thanks Juli for sending to me!
Enjoy the broadcast this evening.  Go get em Kevin Spacey!
See you on Broadway.   Linda

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