Let’s Talk Tony Awards… and vote!

A week from today if you are looking for me, I will be in front of my TV watching Kevin Spacey (love him) host the Tony Awards.  As an actor’s actor I have every confidence he will be a charming and cunning host, even if he was the producer’s 11th choice (really).  Via the theater group, I have been very fortunate to see my fair share of the nominated shows;  though not quite enough to cast my vote on all that many of the categories.

That said, I give you two brazen bets:

Ben Platt and all of his neuroses will win Best Actor in a Musical.

Laura Linney and her other deeply evil self will win Best Actress in a Play.

By Tuesday night at around 9:30pm, I will have seen every show in the category of Best Musical.  Assuming Groundhog Day does not rock my world, for me this category is a two horse race: modern day angst vs. cheer for the goodness of humanity.

I will give a slight edge to the latter, which translates to Come From Away beating Dear Evan Hansen The Great Comet does seem to have strong momentum and could shoot off into the sky with the prize.  I wonder though dear readers, theater club folks, and friends… what do you think?  Please vote here and let me know.  I will share the results of your opinions prior to the show.  Happy voting and Tony watching.  See you on Broadway.

For a refresher course on the shows that have been nominated, check out the links for my micro reviews.




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5 Responses

  1. I think Ben Platt is definitely going to win. I haven’t seen his show yet, but I’ve heard raves. I adored Comet, so I’d like to see it take home the prize, but I think anything (except maybe Groundhog Day) has a decent shot.

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  2. […] Final medium big question:  Did seeing this show change my vote for our Tony Poll?  For those who were with me…did it change yours?  Thanks to all who have voted.  There is one show that has a distinct lead…but not saying which one just yet.    Hop on here to cast your vote for the category of Best Musical.   Even if you only saw one of the shows and feel passionately that said show should win – vote here! […]


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