Grab Your Group & Shop: May 10th and 11th

Yesterday my daughter and I got to pop by for a sneak peek at the mother/daughter resort wear collection being sold today and tomorrow in honor of Saving Mothers, an organization committed to making childbirth safe in developing nations.   The bright and colorfu18422279_10155373357769216_3016789873539039333_ol clothing is designed by Tania Mohan, celebrity designer for Kate Moss and Mick Jagger.      Here’s the deal.  I don’t like shopping. Not one bit.  Neither does my daughter.  But we had the BEST time oohing and aahhing over the clothing available for sale in my friend Samira’s beautiful apartment.    We bought two shirts and put two more “on hold” to think about. We had a blast and it made us even more happy to know that the money we spent on our new shirts would be going towards a good and important cause.    Win, win.    If you are in the area (Upper East Side) and have some time I encourage you to pop by.    I live a half a block away and would be happy to meet you and shop with you.   :)

Her address is 205 East 85th Street.     PH 2C.    You can RSVP to me or to  #savingmothers



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Please add my name to the waitlist!

Space does open up! When it does it’s often at the last minute. Will keep our fingers crossed. Would love to see you at this experience!