In Transit On Broadway with the Kids

Every February we look forward to Kid’s Night on Broadway where an adult buys a ticket and they get to tote along a kid for FREE. Very generous of Broadway and I applaud them for encouraging families to get out there and see shows together. My husband was not able to join so we kept it in the family and invited niece/cousin Abigail to see the show with us. The Theater Group was flung around the city seeing various shows, but 14 of us ranging in age from 8 to 49 (with some millennials in between) went to see In Transit and a rollicking good time was had by all.
Our review is below.
Ever since the Q (the brand spanking new and hard fought Second Ave subway) opened it’s sliding doors I have been meaning to write it a love letter. Turns out I don’t have to as that love letter is being played in an amazing a cappella fashion on Broadway in the form of In Transit. Eleven actors using their voices as instruments to tell several intertwining stories look for love and identity one subway ride at a time.

My daughter wisely observed it was like seeing Love Actually on stage. She puffed up a bit when I told her that Theater Critics had made the same exact observation. The actors were so fresh faced, scrappy, and unapologetically enthusiastic I naively (a softer way of saying stupidly) thought they were all making their Broadway debut. After spending some time with the playbill in the wee hours of this morning I stand corrected. To a person, these players have some serious creds to their name. Everyone’s favorite was Boxman – the beatboxing fairy godfather of the subway train. This guy! THIS GUY! This guy knows a thing or two about beatboxing and as The Playbill attests is a pioneering figure in the beatbox culture.

With so many stories playing out on stage there’s no way you won’t find something to relate to and the stories, while not all that original, are made all the more appealing being told in a cappella. As my daughter summarized “I wasn’t bored once, not for one moment.”

After the standing ovation the actors came back out on stage and Justin Guarini (he came in #2 behind Kelly Clarkson in that little singing show: American Idol) welcomed the kids and the parents to Broadway. He told us about his first show: Les Miserables and the life changing impact it had on his life. Take your kids to the theater whenever possible. It is an experience you all will cherish…and then someday we can all go together and applaud them on stage. Hey…you never know!??

Side note: Would recommend Bann Restaurant for Korean BBQ if you are seeing a show in the high 40’s or low 50’s. Dining with 4 adults, 7 kids and an open flame on the table it could easily have been a disaster but happily it was a grand success. The kids were so busy grilling their own food their was no room for boredom thus no room for at the table shenanigans. Genius! And the food was quite good. Kids already asked this morning when we can go back.


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