Go See Come From Away on Broadway

When your love of books and the theater collides (and your dogs decide to squish into the photo): Come From Away Now on Broadway

On a recent plane ride I devoured the book Books for Living by Will Schwalbe. I had been a little bit neglectful on the reading front as of late and this book kicked me right out of this rut. The author shares tidbits on an array of books that he has read and the life lessons that emerged for him from those pages. His bookshelves must be something to see. In the book the theme of death and how to continue living is explored from many perspectives but his central message is embrace life. Choose life. He concludes his book (that you should go buy right now) with this paragraph: “When I read, I’m reminded to be more thoughtful about how I approach each day. And that’s not just important for the living: it’s the least I can do for the dead. I read to live. I read for life.”

Choosing to live. Choosing to continue on…to love, to laugh, to sing, to dance, to play music, to embrace, to listen, to converse, to indulge, to engage, to observe, and to connect in the face of life’s greatest adversity pretty much sums up the show we saw last night on Broadway: Come From Away. If you have the opportunity to see it I recommend that you do. Bring someone you love. Bring lots of people you love. And that’s all I am going to say on the matter.

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I believe that experiences are far more important to collect than things. Add your friends and family to these experiences? Bliss!

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  1. […] Come From Away – Even the most skeptical musical person will love this show. The Band’s Visit– Quiet, sensual, with a seductive and lyrical pace that draws you in. Farinelli and The King – Starring the remarkable Mark Rylance this is a play WITH singing (and candles)!  Win, win, win! Once on this Island –  Have not seen this show yet, but enjoyed reading all of the rapturous reviews about it.  Every single reviewer was hands down unabashedly in love with this show. […]


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