A Fan Letter to Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen,

Today is going to be a great day. I want to thank you for kicking off the 2017 1st Tuesday of the Month Club with such a bang. With 40+ of us in the audience the pressure was on and boy did you deliver. Phew! The Fall 2016 picks had been a little shaky so thank you for reversing that trend.

15871638_10210761340885478_5727543348865619391_nThank you for giving Ben Platt such a rich platform for him to do his thing. Can’t really fathom anyone else pulling off that role – he nailed every note and every single awkward and raw tic that made his character so endearing and believable. He is a beyond gifted and it was a gift to us to witness him in this role.

Thank you for gathering us and for giving audience members the opportunity for a good cry or at least a teary moment – so cathartic as we begin a new year. And thank you for the many teaching moments. As much as I wish I could break into song with just the right words every time my child has a bruised or bumped feeling that is not a possibility, but I can be right there for them.  Last night I renewed my pledge to do just that – be right there. Always.

Thank you for the thoughtful integration of the pervasiveness of social media and the ginormous role it plays in our kid’s lives today. Words have for eternity been something that hurt more than stones and the opportunity for words to hurt from SO many different media sources is mind boggling. All the more reason for us to be right there with our children as they navigate these rather uncharted waters. Thank you for the reminder to be open minded and aware – to see others and open our eyes and hearts to them as best we can. Will we ever be more than we’ve always been? I think yes. So thank you for that too!

Your ginormous fan, Linda

PS If you were not there last night and decide to go see it… would recommend seats in the orchestra. Evan is downtrodden and looks down. A lot. I think one would feel more part of the action if you were on the same level as where is his eyes went.

PPS Found a GREAT spot for post show libations: Iron Bar Lounge – half a block from the theater. Lots of comfy lounge seating – ideal for post show tippling and talking.


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