This topic figured prominently into the zesty post show tipple talk last night (over dinner at The Ribbon which I would highly recommend). And while there were some outliers, as a whole, I think the answer was yes with a big IF and a BUT.   IF you have not seen Hamilton, BUT you LOVE musical theater and have taken in your fair number of Broadway shows, then YES you will enjoy Spamilton. As many of you are in this club, I assume you fit this description.

The show very cleverly uses the Hamilton score to toast (and roast) Broadway thus treating the audience to all sorts of snippets from much loved Broadway productions (albeit reinterpreted snippets). So many songs are still running through my head this morning, but my favorite thing was listening to everyone in our group, whether they had seen Hamilton or not, laugh out loud as we enjoyed the show together. While the stage was teensy tiny, the talent assembled on it was tsunami like in proportion using quickie costume changes and carefully selected props to transform from character to character. Each player had some serious pipes and the cast may have been having even more fun then the audience. All in all, it was a super fun night out so get thee to Spamilton and raise a glass (or two) to Broadway!

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