All Hail the Queen – Tina: The Tina Turner Musical

Tina Turner did not have an easy life. This icon was handed the steep, craggy, dangerous and entirely uphill version of life at birth. She was also granted three super important gifts that would enable her to so marvelously persevere as she tackled this daunting climb: her spirit, her tenacity, and her voice…

Cheers to You!

I wrote the following post for my theater group newsletter.  I had so many people comment on the email that I wanted to share it with all of you…

A Play – A Book – 6 Women

Last night our small but lovely group hunkered down to bear witness to three women quite inexplicably orbiting around an opinionated, nay-saying, self-confessed dim and decaying sun in the form of a 50-year-old flailing divorced man in the play by Tracy Letts: Linda Vista….

Ain’t Too Proud and The Sound Inside… Go and Go!

From afar one would be hard-pressed to glean similarities between the dazzling musical about the life and tumultuous times of The Temptations in Ain’t Too Proud and the stark and dark play about the quietly tortured and lonely life of a middle-aged professor in The Sound Inside. But those similarities I mentioned? They are there…

Why do we GO see LIVE theater?

In one of my closing missives to the theater group last spring, I included a photo of a column a friend (thanks Liz C.) sent me from an airplane. The article regaled the reader with an array of mental health benefits associated with regular cultural engagements (like the theater). These benefits include staving off depression and reducing the rate of cognitive decline…

Sea Wall/A Life… GO!

Took my son to see See Wall/A Life at The Hudson Theatre on Saturday. Amazing performances and an important life lesson all in one night….

Eat & Live Like @Spoonful of Abby

After seven years of graduate school for nutrition my niece – Abigail – you may know her as Spoonful of Abby – is seconds away from being a licensed dietician. We are so proud of her. It is all kinds of gratifying when someone you love lands on a career path that so in tune with the person and her passions. I learned quite a bit from her when she visited last weekend…

Grab Your Group and Be Colorful in Provincetown, MA

There are lots of adjectives one could land on to paint a picture of Provincetown: remote, raw, real, wild, fun, accepting, loose, indulgent, inspiring, open, artistic, picturesque, vivid, quirky, sweeping, entertaining, eye-popping, creative, gorgeous, quixotic, mercurial, engaging, alluring, relaxing, quiet, loud, salty, gray, blue, dog friendly, winsome, peaceful, and fiery are but a few. But if I had boil all those words into one it would most definitely be COLORFUL..

If You Build It They Will Come, Part 2: Say Something Bunny!

My friend Phyllis clued me into Say Something Bunny! with an urgency that indicated this was not an optional suggestion (thank you Phyllis). So after some cursory research I assembled a small rogue gang (“the theater” accommodates a MAX of 25) and signed us all up for this off off off off off off Broadway performance….